Indian State Treads the Eco-friendly Route in a Big Way

Don’t you always feel proud when people come together to protest against bizarre acts against the environment? Eco-friendly locals in the district of Kinnuar in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh have something to proclaim when it comes to preserving the environment.

Apparently, the locals didn’t want to wait for the government to take a slow decision on this case, and so they came together to bring about a ban on eco-unfriendly products.

They took the initiative to serve water in kulhars or clay mugs and imposed a ban on plastic bottles.

The district administration took the wise decision of storing water in environment-friendly matkas or surahis and not in plastic bottles.

The locals believe they can change others lives as people in the neighboring villages also adopted traditional methods for storing water, milk and curd.

Even storage of mineral water bottles has been stopped. The natives of Himachal Pradesh have really brought about an eco-friendly change in the society.

Don’t you think there needs to be more villagers like the people of Himachal Pradesh to bring about a change in society?

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