India Applauded for Successful Tiger Conservation Efforts

Imagine a world without tigers; well I just pray that doesn’t happen anytime soon. In a bid to protect the wild cats from extinction, India has taken a major initiative in saving its national animal. Since 1972,India has been creating awareness amongst the people and executing its ‘Project Tiger’ into successful action.India’s efforts have been applauded by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

According to the Indian administration, India will always remain committed to ensure the survival of the endangered species within its boundaries.

The Society has also commented that Asian countries do possess the ability and financial means to help the tigers stage a comeback.

It is a known fact that situation for these species have been slipping from bad to worse all these years.

Thanks to groups like the World Wild Life Fund and celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio and Richard Branson who have been creating awareness about the plight of tigers and the efforts needed from people to save the tiger population, many have now begun to take the issue seriously.

In Nepal, the tiger population has nearly doubled since 2009. This is proof that when you protect tiger habitats from deforestation and poachers, these species can make a comeback. India too is doing that, and of course with a fair amount of success.


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