Green Concepts Take Wings at these Eco-friendly Airports

Designing with passion and eco consciousness can be art too. Agree? If yes, we have something to share with you. Designers and architects who have given shape to many an airport in the world have pumped an element of environment friendliness to their projects. Pack your bags and join us, as we  go globe trotting to find out the best eco-conscious airports around the globe.

Boston Logan International Airport

Boston boasts a sustainable airport that houses techniques that cut down on water usage and improve the efficiency of lighting. Further, the solar panels and wind turbines installed tap the renewable form of energy very resourcefully.

 Denver International Airport


Denver is home to one of the greenest airports ever built. The Denver International Airport recycles paper, plastic, aluminum, restaurant grease, organics and even glass. It also generates its power from its own solar farm, which is said to be the largest ever.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

The Fort Worth International Airport at Dallas may be termed an unique piece of work, as the architect has spent quite a while remodeling the interiors to make it more environment friendly. The carpool and use of the public transport add to the charm.

Zurich Airport


The green airport in Switzerland deals with noise pollution in a unique way. The airport authorities have successfully installed a system that reduces noise made by aircraft.

Seattle- Tacoma Airport


Recycling is the mainstay at this eco friendly airport, which is also known as theSea-TacAirport. The airport uses organic paints, sealants and carpets in its car rental system. Also, the green airport has also recycled 90% of the excess building materials.

Now tells us, don’t you also agree when we say, if there’s a will, there’s a way?


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