Glowing, Musical Chestnut Tree in Berlin Promotes Eco Awareness

If you have been to Berlin of late, you might know about this. Over the last week,Berlinhas created a peaceful ambience in the night with a chest nut tree! This glow-in-the-dark chestnut tree is what makes Berlin’s Monbjoupark a perfect place for a peaceful night walk.

This new installation did not come without a suitable reason; this was designed to promote awareness of the dwindling tree population in the German capital.

With thick branches and a mass of green leaves, this 100-year-old chestnut tree towers over the park with sweet music playing in the background.

Just under the chestnut tree, an array of geometrical forms was installed with their joints poking out of the ground.

The tree was covered in taut polymer membranes, and when the tree shed chestnuts, the membranes were activated, thereby releasing a gush of ambient sound. So, one chestnut after the other created the musical harmony in the atmosphere.

So, that means the amazing chestnut tree gave you a free musical concert as you stood admiring the beauty of the Fernsehturn TV Tower in the background.

The green glow combined with the musical sounds gave the chestnut tree a magical touch.

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