Floating Airport to be Real Soon; Coming Up On The Thames

Floating airports are now real, well almost. Such architectural awesomeness isn’t just James Bond fiction anymore, as London has proposed to build a giant floating airport in the middle of the Thames river. Gensler architect Ian Mulcahey has big plans, indeed.

London has always stood as the leader in marine construction and this time in a bid to minimize the environmental disruption, the four 5-kilometer runways are being tethered to the sea bed.

The design of the airport is such that it allows the expansion of number of runways to one more in the future.

The design’s flexibility creates a platform whereby runways can be floated in as required and can also be carried away for maintenance as and when needed.

The new design is expected to minimize problems such as those caused due to land reclamation in the sensitive estuarine waters of theThames.

Yet another positive is that the European high speed rail networks and London central are connected directly to the final departure concourse, thereby providing full access to the marine rail tunnels.

Gensler wil also be re-building the Heathrow as an eco-city. Plans are afoot to utilize the existing infrastructure to provide houses for 300,000 people and employment for over 200,000.

Well one more airport and more planes won’t do London any harm! What say?


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