Chinti and Parker Ethical Knitwear Gets the Gwyneth Paltrow Touch

The ever charming Gwyneth Paltrow has done it again. Post- reinventing herself as a lifestyle guru and food queen, the actress has now decided to take up another challenge – fashion designing.

Look what Paltrow just added to her profile. Her website Goop may be seen as a newsletter cum ecommerce site, and has been floated along with British ethical label Chinti and Parker. Teaming up with the fashion label, she has created a pair of perfect cashmere sweaters.

The limited-edition pieces feature Chinti and Parker’s signature buttoned shoulders, contrast-color pockets, and statement-making elbow patches.

Paltrow sees her new vocation as coming from the need to capture beauty of timelessness in her works. Well, Paltrow as long as its green and sustainable we are with you all the way.

That brings me to the best part of Goop – it shares which brings out ethical and stylistic values with a commitment to sustainability and better living.

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