Big Mac Goes Vegan in India; Opens Vegetarian Restaurants

Vegans have found it hard to have a happy meal at McDonalds! The reason used to be the non-vegetarian list of food items the menu had to offer.  The 270-odd restaurants that have opened in India do not fulfill the meat-free needs of the natives. The majority Hindus in India consider cow as a sacred animal and avoid beef whereas the Muslims despise pig meat.

Well, worry no more vegans, as McDonalds is opening vegetarian restaurants in India and they will be McDonald’s first vegetarian outlets globally.

The first restaurant is said to open in Amritsar, near the site of the Golden Temple and the next would come up near the Vaishno Devi shrine in Jammu and Kashmir.

McAloo tikki burger and pizza McPuff will be some of the specialties this vegan chain of restaurants will offer. The spicy potato based filling is said to be the yummy factor, if you choose the McAloo tikki burger.

McDonalds is said to provide more salads and other healthier food items that contain less sugar, salt and fat to promote a healthier food-diet for the public.

McDonalds  aims to reach all citizens inIndia to have a happier meal, irrespective of their tastes and customs.

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