Speedo Olympic Swimsuits Upcycled into Fashionwear by From Somewhere [Video]

The Olympics seems to have caught the eyes of the major fashion brand From Somewhere. From Somewhere has decided to join the world and share the spirit by joined hands with Speedo to create the ‘Unity’ Gown.

The British fashion labeled From Somewhere has been a pro to nature as they have a recycling policy from 1997.

Unity contains the team colors of the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, Japan, Canada, the Netherlands and Israel.

This piece of art has been inspired by the oceans that connect these nations competing in the Summer Games.

The dress represents water as life, as it believes in preserving water, which according to Orsola de Castro, the co-founder of From Somewhere, should be the priority of human life.

The fashion label has used the theme water seeing as water belongs to us all, and must bring unity to all the nations.

When Speedo approached From Somewhere to salvage some of their obsolete stock, it got into the act and has launched full range up cycled swimsuits on an ongoing collaboration.

The collaboration of the two companies has introduced a new type of wear which shows the elegance of a formal wear and utility of a sports wear

Orsola de Castro believes that fashion brings confidence to the athletes while performing and exceptions can be made although she knows that it isn’t a practical wear.

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