Solar Kiosks Come Up in Ethiopia [Image Gallery]

People living close to Lake Langano in Ethiopia have welcomed the first ever solar powered kiosk in their locality. The kiosk that has opened for business uses solar radiation to generate electric power with the help of photovoltaic panels incorporated into it.

The demand for electricity has been growing every passing day in this third world nation, and this venture just could be a stepping stone in Ethiopia’s bid to bring about power solutions.

The kiosk provides a service of battery charging to and also has a multipurpose light modular unit that sells a variety of merchandise to the residents around.

Germany-based GRAFT Architects has designed the solar kiosk and employs a a special kit that can be customized according to an area’s needs.

The solar panels are said to be controlled centrally to control quality, but the modules themselves also can be put together locally using materials similar to the region.

The solar kiosks have been fabricated, are flat-packed and transported by whatever means possible.

The units, upon arrival, have been assembled staffed with local residents after a quick but precise training session by the crew on how to run the solar systems and run as sustainable business.

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