Saphon Zero-Blade Turbines are Safe for Birds [Video]

Birds needn’t fear death by thrashing while on flight any more, as Saphon has brought to the fore a new technology to improve the future of wind power efficiency. The Zero-Blade Technology is said to be inspired from the sailboat. The sail shaped body is used, while both hub and the gear box have been detached. A cost reduction of 45 percent is also probable due to this fact.

Energy which can be secured and stored is wasted due to the problem of storage. A turbine can’t act up to its maximum potential as it can only capture and store a low amount of kinetic energy from the wind.

However, the Saphon turbine is said to work 2.3 times more efficient than a normal turbine. It is also said to overcome the Betz limit.

The Saphonian, a zero blade wind converter, is the radical new solution to the problems caused by the regular wind turbine.

The Saphon team reveals that the noises and vibration created by the rotation of the blades of normal turbines can cause headaches, nausea and insomnia to humans and direct death to birds.

The Tunisian company is on the look out for partners to mass produce and market their wind energy device  and also to begin a new innovative world.

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