Meat-Flavored Frozen Lollies Keep Tigers Cool in Rome Zoo

Ever wondered what is to be done to keep a heat-struck wild cat cool? Feed him an ice lolly! Comforting a tiger that is made to suffer a temperature of 40 degree Celsius is hard. 

But, serve him a meat flavored ice lolly and you could make him happy. An icy treat on a very hot day is a huge relief even for humans. Now imagine how the animals would feel after a frozen snack on a day that heats up to a temperature of 104 Faranheit.

Rome’s oldest zoo ‘Bioparco zoo’ has now come up with this innovative idea to help the animals battle the unbearable heat wave.

Veterinary staff was asked to prepare smaller portions of meat than the usual amount and freeze the meat with water so that the meat stays cool and hard for the big cats.

Giant meat-flavored ice treats wake up the tigers and lions every morning, and apparently the animals love pawing and licking on the icy treat.

Meanwhile, the monkeys also join them relishing bamboo canes filled with yogurt, watermelons and frozen fruits.

By making available these frozen lollies, zookeepers have been trying their best to comfort the 1000 animals at the zoo to survive the torrid heat.

The frozen lollies served this summer also help the animals perfect their skills in finding their own food.

Besides this, the zoo also has installed water fountains for the animals to have a cool dip and sip.

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