Kerala Capital City Police Chip in with Waste Disposal Efforts

Tackling waste has always been a headache for governments the world over. A unique procedure is being tried out by the capital city administration of the South Indian state of Kerala, and it involves the participation of the local police department. Amused? Read on:

Trivandrum, the Kerala capital, has come out with the unique idea of installing compositors in every police station. With waste disposal having turned a constant worry for a constant worry for the local body and the police, the city police chief has ordered installation of waste composting units in all the 20 police stations within the city limits.

As an initial attempt, theMedicalCollegepolice station has already installed a composting unit. It has been functioning well over the past one month.

The new effort is expected to lead to more efficient waste management systems and encourage others to do the same.

Within a couple of months, every police station in the city is expected to have its own composting units.  The size of the units may vary according to the want of each station.

Now, that’s a welcome move deserving to be applauded. It reminds us that the government can do much more than an ordinary civilian to change people’s lives. With the closure of the Vilappilsala plant where the city’s waste was being dumped, the government and the people had begun to opt for various other waste disposal means.  By installing the compost units, the police are setting an example for all.  What do you have to say about this?

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