John Bartlett T-Shirts to Help Stop Animal Slaughter at the Farms

Here’s how animal advocate and fashion designer John Barlett voices his concern against slaughter f animals. The award winning fashion designer has joined hands with Farm Sanctuary to create a fashionable line of T-shirts for men and women. The series is named ‘The Ambassador Collection’.

Bartlett has designed the T-shirts with clean and minimal look and available in black color with a bleached silhouette of an animal, which may be a chicken, cow or pig.

On the T-shirt sleeve a number is printed, which represents the staggering number of each innocent animal slaughtered for food in the US each year.

It was Gene Bauer, Farm Sanctuary  president and co-founder who told Bartlett about the inherent cruelty of factory farming. Since Bartlett wanted to create something that could reach the audience and helps to stop this cruelty, he has come up with his new creations.

Recently,Bartlett had turned a vegan, and believes that all creatures in this universe are worth being compassionate and deserves respect.

Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of each T-shirt that costs $40 will be donated to Farm Sanctuary to help end abuse and cruelty towards the farm animals.

The non-profit organization works to save farm animals from the dreadful atmosphere of factory farms. According to Bauer, each animal is intelligent enough to understand emotions and treating them like machines would be brutal.

We too hope this collection will bring awareness among people and encourage them to think about their food choices.



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