Houseplants Could Control Your PC in Future [Video]

In future your office plant too can act as a computing tool. Not convinced? By simply waving a hand over the plant, you will be able to generate music from your desktop. Or may be, even a gentle touch on the plant stem could activate a new application in your PC.

A team from Disney Research has introduced this new amazing idea to convert a plant into a computing tool.

The new finding, named Botanicus Interacticus, is a method to make plants interactive by placing an electrode into the soil of the pot that allows rich and expressive interaction with plants.

By using this technology, you will be able to construct electrical properties of plants and replicate them using standard electrical components.

It would allow even artificial plants to behave as real, which means there is no difference between a real and an artificial plant.

An electrode placed in the soil will take directions from the computing device and place them in the physical world by taking plants as an interactive medium.

This awesome technology  can also be useful in designing highly interactive responsive environments which are based on plants and can also lead to develop new forms of organic, living interaction devices.

We know placing plants at home and office could be good for the body and mind. And, now with the help of this new technology, plants could mean more than just cleaning the air around.

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