Gown Entirely Made of Plastic to Go On Show

We have seen many crazy things made with plastics. But have you ever come across any thing like Ida-Marie Corell’s ID(E)A dress, entirely made with shopping bags. This amazing dress was made from 555 blue IKEA shopping bags and this large gown is the main attraction at Oh, Plastiksack!, a Swiss exhibition of sculptures, installations, paintings, and photographs made of plastics.

The show will get underway in Gewerbe museum in Winterthur,Switzerland through October 7, 2012.

This entire room filling dress by Corell’s showcases mankind’s ambivalent relationship with plastic. According to the designer, plastic bags represent the global society these days.

Plastic itself is a versatile product, sometimes it is just a simple piece of trash, and sometimes a symbol of consumerism/. I t may be seen as an ecological hazard and also a symbol of history-defining invention.

The show Oh, Plastiksack! Wpould showcase creations of nearly 30 international artists and designers, and will include inflated plastic crucifixes, dumpster filled with illuminated garbage bags and fluorescent-colored shag furniture.

We think it is a good idea to recycle and exhibit plastic  in this manner, it would be catchy at the same time conveys a message to the public.

What do you think?


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