Awesome Tree Houses from Around the Globe

Living in tree houses has always been a fantasy of mine. I’m not kidding. You too definitely would’ve imagined life on a tree house. Building a tree house on your back yard is fine, but they don’t stand a chance to these works of art. Take a look at these awesome structures and you would definitely want to build one like one of these.

Enchanted Forest 

Like the name, this tree house is made based on kids’ fantasies. Apparently, this fantastic tree house has a secret door, a secret room, a secret everything!BlueForestdesigned and built this environment friendly home with solar water heaters, a rain water collection system, and composting toilets.

Kafrissen Treehouse 

Truly a work of a creative visionary, this tree house was inspired by a curved tree branch. Imagine that! The Kafrissen family in Perth built this tree house the eco-friendly way by using the wood recovered from a near by dump which had trees that collapsed after a storm.

Lantern House

The Lantern House in Santa Monica is no less when it comes beauty and elegance. Built on three eucalyptus trees with 99 percent salvaged materials, this eco friendly structure is an example of how to build one. Roderick Romero, the builder used materials, like a stained window glass, recovered from an old movie set and added them to his tree house.

Free Spirit Spheres 

Inspired from the sailboat design, space is used efficiently in this piece of work.

Le cabane de Lyon 

France is home to the Luxury tree Cabane de Lyon, which has been made from 100 percent natural and recyclable resources. Situated 25 feet above the ground, this tree house even has a high tech conference room.

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