You Can’t Save These Animals Even if You Stop Deforestation Now

It has been found out that even if deforestation in the Amazon were to miraculously be put to an end tomorrow, it would not prevent countless creatures from getting extinct. They have been scarred by the impact of deforestation for so long that, it would be difficult of them to survive.

It is the finding of a sorrowful study that brought out this fact. It has been shown that, animals that lose their habitat do not die off soon. Instead they would wind down an irreversible death spiral.

Live Science explained that when species lose their natural habitat to deforestation and other causes, they don’t immediately disappear. Instead, they gradually die off over several generations, racking up an “extinction debt” that must eventually be paid in full.

They also pointed out that, new research shows that the Brazilian Amazon has gathered a heavy vertebrate extinction debt, with more than 80 percent of extinctions expected from historical deforestation still approaching.

There are a number of animals that still live in the Amazon, which will get extinct in the years to come.

A few animals that are expected to die off soon are: White-cheeked spider monkey; Rio Branco antbird; Tree ocelot; Hoary-throated spinetail; Brazilian tapir and the Yellow-headed poison frog.

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