World’s Fastest Electric Plane Breaks 200MPH Barrier

The first time a person flies a new airplane he would be very cautious doing that. But for Chip Yates, it was a chance to set a new world record. He did it by setting an all time high speed record for an electric plane – at 202.6 miles per hour.

Yates also holds the record for fastest run on an electric motorcycle. He spent 16 minutes over the Mojave Desertin the Long-ESA, which is an electric version of Burt Rutan’s Long-EZ.

Rutan is a world famous aerospace engineer who designed a whole set of aircraft and won the X-Prize in 2004 for the SpaceShipOne, a reusable, suborbital spaceship.

It’s not appalling that the Long-ESA he inspired enabled Yates to set a new record on his first flight in an electric plane. The former record that was set in July 2011 at 175 mph was by Hugues Duval in the small Cri Cri airplane.

Considering that this was Chip Yates’ very first electric flight, it is assumed that he does not plan on letting the record stay at 202.6 mph.

Post-flight, Chip Yates has been quoted as saying that the Long-ESA can go even faster, and he plans on beating is own record soon.

We are waiting, Yates!

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