Walking Drawing an Amazing Temporary Environment Art Form

You would have seen and enjoyed different types of temporary environment art forms. Still, the large scale, eye catchy sand drawings are attractive and amazing. An artist named Evewright is implementing the Walking Drawing projects in coastal regions of England since eight years.

For those who are unaware about the Walking Drawing, it is a large-scale drawing undertaken with a combination of freehand and mechanical tools on a vast landscape (canvas) of at least a quarter of a mile. In Walking Drawings, artists experiment with new ways of drawing and avoid the traditional media such as paint, charcoal and paper.

This talented British artist is creating beautiful patterns in sand by using groups of people, horses, a rotavator, a rake and even the tractor. He requests people of different ages, genders and cultures who dressed in black to walk in sand in different formats and patterns.

According to Evewright, he wants to take his art into public space and onto a larger canvas. It helps him to stay connected to people. Apart from pretty pictures, these drawings hold a deeper meaning. The drawings express the thought that bigger happenings in life which cannot be controlled or repeated are inherently beautiful.

The entire artistic process is filmed and photographed.

Look at these photos.


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