Toyota Coms Single-Seater EV Gears Up for the Dream Run

We all know how much the world loves the Toyota Prius. It has always been in the forefront when we list down the best hybrids for quite some time now. It’s now the turn of Toyota Auto Body, a subsidiary company, to bring about some change in the way people drive EVs. The company has unveiled the cute and small Coms, which will be made available in Japan initially.

Make sure you are single when you dream of riding this car. That forewarning is because it is tiny built.

Coms is basically a single-seater with a wheelbase of just 1,530mm. The front and rear treads measure 930mm and 920mm respectively, while the car weighs 400 to 420kg. Toyota Coms has a turning radius of 3.2 m.

What comes striking about the car is that it does not need any automobile safety inspection, certification of parking space, weight tax or automobile acquisition tax.  How desirable, right?

However, you may need a normal driving license to ride this little machine. As long as you need not worry about the parking space and road traffic, this one is a sleek hybrid car for your everyday commuting.

Wouldn’t you want to get behind the wheel of the upcoming Coms?

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