Teenager Finds Method to Develop Fuel from Plastic

An Egyptian teenager has found out methods to produce fuel from plastic waste. Azza Adbel Hamid Falad, a sixteen year old teenager, developed an inexpensive catalyst that could be used to create bio-fuel.

Her idea is to break down the plastic polymers in pet bottles and general waste and then turn it into bio-fuel feedstock, which is the bulk raw material used for producing bio-fuel. The idea is not a new one. But the difference is in the catalyst she offering.

Azza found a high-yield catalyst named aluminosilicate. This catalyst has the ability to break down plastic waste and also produce gaseous products such as methane, propane and ethane which can be converted into ethanol.

This economy efficient technology has the capacity to produce $78 million worth bio-fuel each year.Egypt is estimated a consumption of total one million tons plastic waste per year that includes 40,000 tons per year of cracked naptha and 138,000 tons of hydrocarbon gasses.

This talented young girl has rewarded with the European Fusion Development Agreement award at the 23rd European Union Contest for Young Scientists.

Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute is also interested in her proposal. Her idea will be a great solution to recycle the plastic waste in the Middle East region. At present, Azza is looking to get patent for her findings.

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