Sunny Solar Bench to Color Up the Summer

In this summer who wants to work inside a hot room when advanced technologies like Wi-Fi allow us to work outside with our laptops. But what if the battery dies? Don’t worry. A new Solar Bench from Ontario’s Green Sun Rising will surely help you from hot sun; meanwhile it can also charge your electronic equipment too.

Solar Bench is a combination of solar technology and a bench structure. The table and twin bench structure are covered by a photovoltaic paneled roof that provides some shelter and also juice up your smart phone or mobile computing devices.

The whole structure is made from weather-proofed cedar and an aluminum frame supports the three flexible thin-film solar panels. The company claims an output of over 200W.

A built-in storage battery is also provided which stores energy for those rare occasions when the day light is not available. A 2W LED lamps was fitted under the roof for working at nights.

So what you are waiting for? Order your piece and enjoy the summer.

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