Students Give Shape to School Building with Waste and Plastic

The whole is searching for ideas on how to effectively manage waste and plastic. Students at the Humboldt State University and UNIBE have come up with an amazing solution to that effect. They have made use of waste materials and plastic to construct a school building!

They worked together to build a school in the La Yuca barrio of Santo Domingo in 2011. They used a material made of plastic bottles filled with waste to make the building.

The school had been facing pressure for increase in space, but with a limited budget it was difficult to achieve the goal. The youngsters came up with this excellent idea, which is cost-effective and environmentally appropriate.

The material used in the building does not contain any toxic chemicals that will cause any harm whatsoever. The building can withstand  earthquakes, hurricanes, humidity, high temperatures, and heavy rains in Santo Domingo. Above all, the structure is less expensive than the traditional building styles.


This summer, the students group revisited Santo Domingo and freshly constructed a wind turbine, solar power plant and rain catchment system to the school.

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