Sexy Jeans from Beer Bottles; Fashion Walks the Green Ramp

Chic fashion brand ‘I Am Not a Virgin’ makes jeans and Tees using not so virgin materials. Yes, you got it. By far they’ve brought in a limited run of 400 odd beer bottle jeans. In order to begin production in ardent and to broaden up the line, they are catching up with Kickstarter to realize their plans.

Company founder Peter Heron says ever since its provenance, the company has had sustainability at its core.

He also said that they were inspired to do something innovative when they discovered millions of tones of denim scraps getting tossed to the floor each year.

The company wondered if jeans could be created from fabric scraps collected at the manufacturing mills and that was the beginning of I Am Not A Virgin.

The first model utilized the scraps, but the direction diverged as Heron began his experiments with synthetics that were recycled, including those made with beer bottles.

Beer bottles to Denim? How? Using the same method to transform bamboo to thread, the bottles are pulverized, melted and then extruded into fiber. Using a mixture of 25 percent bottle fiber and 75 percent cotton, the resulting material is durable yet soft.


Super soft T-shirts are also made by the company from recycled food trays, clear water bottles, discarded X ray film and empty yogurt cartons.

Only if a minimum of $100,000 is raised by Tuesday, the Kickstarter project will be funded. So go forth and get your garments from Kickstarter if you want to help and while you are in there, there is a petition in support of allowing the company to keep its name.

Meanwhile, the Virgin Group is strongly against the use of word “virgin” for the jeans as people would be confused and not be able to tell the difference between the aircraft company the eco friendly jeans.

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