Puma Mulls Over Putting an End to Use of Leather

Sports goods manufacturing giant Puma has announced it would stop using leather in its athletic shoes and soccer boots taking into account its calamitous environmental impact. The company would eventually look out for alternative materials.

Puma made a “profit and loss account” last year, which assessed its working. Leather was the biggest impact driver contributing to Puma’s carbon footprint.

This was mainly because the cattle ranches require a lot of land to be cleared for cattle and soak up water supplies, which affects plant and wildlife habitats. It is also due to the toxic contaminants and chemicals that are used in leather tanneries.

The environment minded company says anticipates-an-end-to-their-use-of-leather/ such impact calls for the need for high quality economically feasible leather substitutes.

It might sound bizarre, but in the near future there would be an economic way of producing leather like products in the laboratory.

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