Polar Bear Evolution Linked to Climate Change

Scientists are closing in on findings that could provide vital clues on climate change. And, significantly, it is the evolution history of polar bears that is being linked to climate change pattern. Researchers at the Penn State University and the University of Buffalo believe that polar bears which existed million years ago have re-emerged with slight changes due to certain climatic events.

It is being believed that climatic changes had spurred vanishing acts by the animals and they kept on pushing life by way of a genetic exchange with brown bears. The current day polar bears could be a species such born.

Polar bears were noticed around 3 to 4 million years ago, but there has been a lull in existence in between as changes in climate did them in. They seem to have remerged out of a union with brown bears. Climatic changes had also made the species grow in size or shrink up thanks to the cooler as well as warmer climes.

The research also suggested that while polar bears evolved into a distinct species as many as 4-5 million years ago, the animals might have interbred with brown bears until much more recently.

According to the research, the population rise during colder times and dip in number during warmer periods justify the polar bears’ endurance to the earth’s changes but doesn’t guarantee the species survival.tttt

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