PETA Gifts Alec Baldwin an Indian Bull for his Wedding

A bull as gift! Wonder what we are talking about? On the occasion of veteran actor Alec Baldwin’s wedding, animal rights organization PETA indeed gifted the animal lover a bull.

The sexy ‘30 Rock ‘star married his yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas last Saturday. The couple tied a knot at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York Cityand celebrities like Tina Fey, Woody Allen, Stephen Baldwin, and many more attended the wedding.

PETA, on their part, decided to celebrate Alec’s wedding  aptly, as he has always stood by them as a strong supporter and promoter of the organization.

In connection with the event, PETA bought a bull named Raja from a farmer in India and handed him over to the newly wed couple.

The bull will now spend his life in peace at the Animal Rahat’s sanctuary in Maharashtra, India. PETA also renamed the bull Baldwin Thomas. PETA believes that Baldwin Thomas will bring the couple happiness.

Alec Baldwin has long been associated with the PETA and has also hosted the organization’s 30th anniversary celebration in 2010.

The vegan and animal rights activist has been involved with a group of social activities and always spoke on behalf of PETA.

He has also lent his voice for the video entitled ‘Meet Your Meat’. PETA, according to him, through its creative campaigns has led the society to reexamine its relationship with animals.

A different wedding gift  this one is, right?

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