Number of Snow Leopards Declining; Impact of Climate Change

Snow leopards are already on the list of endangered animals, with almost about 4000-6500 of them left worldwide. New researches from the World Wildlife Fund have shown that the climate changes may make them even more endangered. This is very much a matter of fact.

Scientists who work for the WWF have determined that on our current greenhouse gas emission trajectory about thirty percent of the snow leopards’ habitat in the Himalaya will be lost forever.

As the tree line moves higher and the leopards preferred alpine habitat becomes warmer and wetter.

Added to this, the direct threat from habitat loss, the study notes that as tree lines rise and snow leopard habitat gets reduce, it may also bring them increasingly into contact with humans.

This would tremendously increase the retaliatory killings when the leopards prey on livestock. On the whole, it is going to create a lot of havoc.

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