NASA Prepares Menu for Journey to Mars

A group of scientists in U.S are busy in building a menu for their journey to Mars in the 2030s. The menu is preparing for a group of six to eight astronauts and focusing on to keep the astronauts healthy and happy.

It will take six months to reach the Mars and the U.S space travel planning to stay for 18 months in the red planet. Another six months is also required to return to Earth. That means a total of three years meals should be kept with them.

Normally astronauts get an all pre-prepared and freeze dried food with lack of smell and taste, which is tasteless. But on Mars due to its little gravity NASA is considering to change the current menu.

According to Maya Cooper, the senior research scientist in Lockheed Martin, they are considering possibilities to do little things like chop vegetables and cooking in Mars. They are assuming to do it with a “Martian greenhouse” that features a variety of fruits and vegetables — from carrots to bell peppers — in a hydroponic solution.

That would be planted in the mineral-laced water instead of soil. The astronauts would use this garden with other ingredients. Nuts and spices are brought from Earth to prepare their meals.

This menu is favorable because it provides an optimum nutrient delivery with fresh fruits and vegetables. It also ensures a proper amount of nutrients, calories and minerals to maintain the physical health to the astronauts. At present NASA’s overall budget in Mars menu is more than $17 billion.

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