Lessons From the Top 10 Greenest Celebrities

The concept of “going green” is becoming more and more popular.  Individuals are recycling more, and companies that embrace eco-conscious ideals are reducing their use of plastic and paper products or utilizing recycled materials whenever possible.

While many everyday citizens are now stepping in to support eco-friendly organizations, these Hollywood stars have already used their enthusiasm and celebrity status to make a difference.

  • Robert Redford

    The noted actor and Sundance Film Festival founder has been supporting the cause for over 30 years. He is actively involved in the Natural Resources Defense Council and has actively lobbied Congress for more legislation that encourages protecting the environment.

  • Meryl Streep

    This actress has enjoyed a long and illustrious career, yet every step of the way she has found a way to share her desire to live a green lifestyle with her fans. She often wears eco-friendly dresses, even to red-carpet affairs, and has spoken many times at events supporting the environment. if you’re looking to follow in her footsteps, start small by wearing eco-conscious labels or looking into green waste management options at

  • Natalie Portman

    Ms. Portman has received extensive press attention for her green initiatives. A recent article on the Green Celebrity website discusses her involvement with a charity called Foundation for International Community Assistance, which helps provide families around the world with the items necessary to survive. Additionally, she is well-known for her vegan lifestyle and support of groups that work towards protecting the rain forest.

  • Alec Baldwin

    While he may be best known for his little quirks and his film and television acting roles, Mr. Baldwin is also a big supporter of many environmental charities. He has worked with Save the Manatees, PETA and People for the American Way.

  • Brad Pitt

    According to Huffington Post, Pitt is active in many causes related to environmental consciousness. He has worked for animal rights, sustainable living and green building charities. He is also the co-founder of the Make it Right organization, which rebuilds homes that were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina using eco-friendly materials.

  • George Clooney

    This Hollywood A-list celebrity has gone so far as to get arrested while protesting. He is a major proponent of reducing America’s dependence on the oil industry.

  • Alicia Silverstone

    From the time Ms. Silverstone was a teenager, she has lived an eco-friendly lifestyle. She is a vegan, has supported animal rights charities and encourages young people to take an active part in the world around them.

  • Ed Begley, Jr. 

    One of the few celebs on this list to consider himself an environmentalist first and entertainer second, Begley, Jr. was one of the first in Hollywood to drive an electric car. He also hosted a green-living reality program called Living with Ed.

  • Sting

    Along with his wife Trudy, Sting has been actively involved with many environmental causes throughout the years. He was named one of the top 10 eco-conscious celebrities by Energy Digital.

  • Daryl Hannah 

    The Splash actress activist doesn’t mind doing what it takes to get the job done. Ms. Hannah reportedly protested for 23 days straight in support of urban farming.

Hollywood is full of celebrities that want to make a difference. For those that want to start small, there are plenty of ways to live green without being rich and famous. Choosing eco-friendly clothing or food, and working with organizations that support recycling programs, allows even an average Joe to help save the world. (Images sourced from the web)

[This is a guest post by Bethany Ortiz. Bethany studied culinary arts and later received a Master’s Degree in English Literature. She loves blogging about her adventures in food, and is quick to correct both your tablespoon measurement and your grammar.]

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