JPMorgan Chase United Joins Hands with Good360 to Focus on Recycling and Charity

JPMorgan Chase, one of the oldest financial institutions in theUnited States, has joined hands with Good 360 to kickstart a new program christened Tech Warehouse, which aims to distribute used computers to non profit organizations and schools that have absolutely limited access to current day technologies.

As part of the program, JPMorgan Chase will be replacing more than 3,000 hard drives from their office computers and these will be distributing to the Good360.

Good360, previously known as the Gifts In Kind International, the largest charities in the US Wide range of companies donates consumer products via Good360’s online donation marketplace.

Until now, Good360 have distributed more than $7 billion in donations around the globe through charity organizations.

Well, JPMorgan Chase wants to update their office computers by replacing almost 30 percent of its 250,000 hard drives with new ones.

And, by joining hands with Good360 they look to donate to charities and other non profit organizations too. In the meantime, this act will also benefit the environment and nature.

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