Japan Kickstarts Large Scale Solar Power Plants in Kyoto

Crippled by the devastating Fukushima crisis last year,Japanis now increasingly seeking other renewable energy sources like solar energy. In a major leap toward this goal, the Asian nation recently opened an array of large scale solar power plants in Kyoto, West Japan.

The Japanese government has brought about a new law, which directs companies to purchase renewable energy at a fixed rate. The new law aims to encourage firms to pursue sustainable alternatives to nuclear power.

Various municipalities have already started installing solar plants that are able to produce electric energy for hundreds of thousands of households.

Even the Japanese telecommunications Softbank department has come out opposing nuclear energy and has declared plans to install 11 solar or wind power centers inJapan.

After theFukushimameltdown, as many as 49 reactors out of 50 in the country have been shut down for safety checks and due to public protest.

According to the government estimation, the country will attain 2,500 megawatts of renewable energy by the end of 2012, which is equivalent of two medium-sized nuclear reactors.

But it looks strange that the opening of the new solar energy power plants happened the same day of the government restarting an atomic reactor which was inactive afterFukushima aftermath.

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