Hollywood and Bollywood Stars Joining for a Vegan Cookbook

PETA has announced a new project to create a cookbook, a book named “The Bolly Holly Vegan Cookbook,” that will launch in 2013 from Jacaranda Press.

The Hollywood and the Bollywood will come together in the making of this vegan cookbook. The book will contain veganized versions of classic Indian dishes and the recipe adaptation tips and celebrity favorites.

In India, 40% of population is vegetarian and it has used a mandatory vegetarian/ non-vegetarian marking system since 2001.

According to the head of PETA India Poorva Joshipura, the book and celeb secrets will help the promotion of veganism. Celebrities has great influencing power and their revelation about the secrets behind their beauty, shiny hair, slim figures, toned bodies and healthy skin will force people to accept veganism.

Each chapter in the book offers celebrity tips, quotations and facts about the benefits of vegan eating with colorful pictures of celebrities. Cinematic terms have been used throughout the text with celebrities’ favorite dishes.

The book features tips and quotes from stars such as Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha and Neha Dhupia as well as PETA US founder Ingrid Newkirk and The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine founder Neal Barnard.

We are sure that this should be a great book with focus on cinema, inside gossip, animal rights, and the union of actors from two countries.

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