Harry Potter Creator Building Tree Top Homes for her Kids

She has already taken children around the world on a fantasy filled magical tour. And, it has been one hell of a ride! Post-creation of a huge fan base with her everlasting work in the fantasy genre Harry Potter, author JK Rowling is now into building what seems to be a tree house for her children.

The multi millionaire author is giving her kids all the luxury, by building them two Blue Forest Tree houses in Edinburgh. The two tree top dwelling places are being built by designer extraordinaire Blue Forests.

The tree houses are to cost an amount around $250000 to build. Each one is about 40 ft high.

Rowling is a pretty fantastic parent, don’t you agree? She has proved it already with the magical bedtime story and now this.

The kids David, Mackenzie and Jessica must be really proud to have such a mom. Dr. Neil Murray, their father, was the one who had applied for planning permission to build the two 40-ft high tree houses.

Each tree house is equipped with secret tunnels, trap doors and a spiral stair case along with a rope bridge that connects both the turrets.

JK Rowling has also won approval to build a summer house that looks just like Hagrid’s hut! Now, what do you have to say about that??


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