GreenTech Unveils Two Seated MyCar EV with A Top Speed of 45 mph

A Mississippi-based Greentech automaker has released their two-seat city electric vehicle. Significantly enough, it has even got high profile visitors like former US President Bill Clinton. The low-speed MyCar is an EV and has the size of a Smart fortwo with a top speed of 45 miles per hour.

According to the company, producing the car will create 426 new jobs. Two years ago, GreenTech Company purchased a Hong Kong-based EuAuto and now building a 300,000-sq ft factory, in addition to the 376,000-square-foot plant in Mississippi.

The manufacturing of the vehicle is started from the last November and estimates the making of 110 units on the first year of production. The first batch of vehicle will be used by Dominos to deliver pizzas and the remaining will be sold to a Danish company.

The vehicle has a single-charge range of 115 miles with a price tag $15,500. The company plans to sell the electric vehicle in theUS and in Europe, where it has high market.

GreenTech Automotive is chaired by former Democratic National Committee chief Terry McAuliffe.

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