Foroba Yelen, a Portable Street Lamp in Mali, Proves Useful in Many Occasions

The eLand, an institute for studies on cultures and territories, has developed a new portable street light for rural Mali. The institute was established by Italian architect and video artist Matteo Ferroni.

Dubbed Foroba Yelen, which means ‘collective light’, can be produced by using old bicycle parts and melting down soda cans. The only technical part which is not locally available is the LEDs. The attached batteries in the lamp can be charged through solar panels, while the height of the lamp can be adjusted.

The lamp is made portable therefore it can be put wherever needed, whether it is in work spaces, for education or in ritual like wedding. The making and repair of these lamps are very simple. Therefore, it can provide local jobs too.

In Mali, only 45% of population gets electricity. And a lot of activities in the country happen in night time due to extreme heat.

People manage their Foroba Yelen and lend them out to those who request a light and fulfill their requirements.

These street lamps are a great example for a simple open design with local manufacturing that can fight poverty.

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