Fisker Joins Hands with Leonardo Di Caprio to Care for the Planet

Leo is among the many celebs who care about the environment. Hollywood sensation Leornado Wilhelm Di Caprio has partnered with the luxury hybrid brand Fisker Automotive. The eco-friendly actor who was first the recipient of Fisker Automotive got a little something back in this deal.

The brand promised to support his foundation for charity. The non profit organization is also making a big effort to take care of the planet and its people. Both parties are said to be delighted to work side by side to accomplish their shared vision.

Luxury model Fisker Karma has seen some of the starlight at the North American International Auto Show in 2008. And, a year after that, Fisker decided to sell the product.

However, it was only after repeated delays the environmental protection agency issued clearance on vehicle emissions and drive range in October 2011.

The futuristic model concentrates on sustainability  and smooth driving. The GM supplied four cylinder engine adds to the charm.

The car doesn’t make a hole in your pockets when it comes to maintenance, as electric motors are simple and reliable than that of a gasoline engine.

The Leo-Fisker partnership is more of a mission than a business and let our hopes be that they be successful. Now, that’s something that would help us see the light of another day in a planet being abused beyond repair.

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