First Ever Solar Powered Airplane Successfully Flies Back Home

Solar Impulse HB- SIA, the world’s first solar powered airplane has returned home after its first major flight. The plane covered around 6,700 miles across four countries, including two continents, and then returned to its native soil Payern, Switzerland.

The plane, capable of flying day and night sans any fuel, entirely depends on solar power. It has 12,000 solar cells attached to its wings that power the plane’s four 10-horsepower engines.

Four batteries were clubbed to the plane so as to store additional energy to flying in night.

Solar Impulse HB-SIA started its voyage on May 24th this year and was piloted by Bertrand Piccard.

During its flight, the plane stopped at eight places such as Morocco, France and Madrid.

The Solar Impulse team is now planning to develop the next solar-powered HB-SIB plane that will be able to flying around by using only solar power.

It will possess a more spacious cockpit that would permit the pilot to rest during the flight that lasts from 4 to 6 days.

In order to fly in the rain the manufacture will exclude the electrical circuitry in the new plane. And, with increased battery size the system will be more reliable.

The HB-SIB’s first flight is expected for Spring 2013 and the round the world flight is charted in between April and July 2014.

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