Finca Bellavista Could be Your Perfect Escape from the City

Fed up with the din and bustle of the city you live in? Want to take a break? Then you need to visit Finca Bellavista. A perfect holiday destination in a rainforest canopy, Finca Bellavista is the world’s first planned, modern and sustainable treehouse community located in the heavy rainforest in South Pacific coastal region of Costa Rica.

It is a group of treehouses far removed from the noise of the outside world. Even the nearest town is 1.5 miles away form the village and possesses just a school, a church, a pulperia, a bus stop, a handful of houses, and a soccer field.

According to Erica and Matt Hogan, the founders of Finca Bellavista, they always care about the land and environment that surrounds the village and take decisions entirely based on their eco-beliefs.

The first treetop neighborhood originated 5 years ago and is still growing. The base camp includes a vast community complex with a dining hall, an open-air lounge, a rancho, a bath house, a campfire ring and a wedding garden, a perfect place for vacation trips and marriages ceremonies.

For transportation purposes, Sky Trail is provided which offers amazing views of river corridor and the surroundings.

What you waiting for now? Plan a trip to this heaven and explore the magic of rainforest.


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