Ecoology Clothing Unveils Versatile, Sustainable Collection

Clothing brand Ecoology has been doing all it can to challenges our age-old fashion concepts. Carmen Tous and Eva García, two long-time veterans from the fashion industry had given life to this trendy and unique fashion initiative. They have introduced a new line of clothing that  uses only certified-sustainable fabrics such as linen, alpaca, cashmere, organic cotton, Tencel, bamboo, and even milk fibers.

The new line comprises Ecoology’s dresses, sweaters, tops, skirts, and scarves that are inspired by Mediterranean style and it carries everything from classic architecture to pop culture.

According to the duo, their brand is based on three pillars that include the digital world, design, and eco-conscious behavior. The designers never compromise in their clothing fabric and design.

Moving hand in hand with sustainability, these clothes are also feminine, sexy, and trendy and feature a clean, versatile and timeless fashion.

The ecological fabrics are more expensive, they don’t demand much for their clothes because they aim at more quality at less cost.

Tous and Garcia strongly believe that sustainability within the fashion industry will continue to grow and in future there is no need to label products as organic.

It is time to change your consumption methods and rethink about what you buy and from where.

More pictures below:

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