Eco-friendly Mosque Coming Up in Dubai; Energy and Water Use to be Cut by 18%

A new eco-friendly mosque plan has been unveiled by the Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation in Dubai. The new concept is expected to reduce energy and water consumption by 15-18 percent.

The construction of the new eco-friendly mosque will be completed by the end of 2013 and would incur a cost of  AED 25 million ($6,806,239).

Located behind the Al Rowad village near the Clock Tower Roundabout in Deira, the  45,000 square feet mosque will spread across an area of 1,05,000 square feet.

Once complete, it will be the largest mosque in Dubai that will accommodate around 3,500 worshipers.

The mosque will feature green aspects such as gardens on the roof for heat insulation and solar panels to heat water for ablution.

Recycling systems will be planted on the mosque to treat water used for guarding and washroom purposes.

The mosque will also be equipped with the most modern technologies in energy efficiency to control the wastage in air-conditioning and air purity system.

In addition to this, eco-friendly material plans are ahead to use thermal insulation, programmed and automatic thermostat and suction fans with energy recovery units.

According to Tayeb Abdulrahman Al Rais, Secretary General of AMAF, the mosque will mark a new beginning towards the environment protection and the adoption of green practices. It is expected to be a benchmark in UAE’s construction arena.

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