Delicious Recycling: Brazilian City Offers Veggies in Return for Recyclable Waste

Cities the world over are trying to promote vibrant waste recycling programs throughout their neighborhood. Some of them are successful, while others meet with disappointing results. The Brazilian city of Jundiai has kick started an innovative recycling program called ‘Delicious Recycling’, and it has turned out to be a massive success.

This innovative forward-thinking program launched ten years ago that aims to encourage its residents to develop the habit of collecting recyclable waste.

In exchange for these waste products, the residents are provided with fresh vegetables that are grown locally in a public run garden.

Now, this program is a real success among the city people and it also cleans the city’s waste. Those plastic materials once improperly disposed where now directly collected and being recycled.

Meanwhile, residents can purchase edible green vegetables from the garden, which now possesses more than 30 thousand plants in order to meet the demand of veggie-loving recyclers.

According to the local mayor Miguel Haddad, this is a win-win program for everyone. Materials like aluminum cans and plastic bottles which once blocked the flow the drainage system were used as a currency for healthy food.

By seeing their success, other Brazilian municipalities are also offering similar reward to the recyclers.

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