Cuba Begins the Extraction of First Bio-diesel Plant

Cuban scientists found a new green energy source from a bio-diesel plant named jatropha. The plant’s seeds are rich in oil but toxic for human consumption. It has high traditional value in the island because of its ability to cure intestinal diseases and fever. Another advantage of the plant is that its cultivation is possible in land which has low or no agricultural value.

A small factory in Guantanamo Island is already producing over 100 tons of fuel per year, which was built with Cuban state funds and support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

According to Sotolongo, the director of the province’s Center for Applied Technology for Sustainable Development, this finding has a global value. The fuel industry is mainly using edible vegetable oils like sunflower or soybean.

Sotolongo also added that about 130 acres of jatropha were planted at Guantanamo Island. And the first few liters of fuel have already been used to power the agricultural machinery in the particular area.

At present,Cubaimports half of its fuel from neighbor countryVenezuela. They also use sugar cane or forest biomass to produce electricity. The country is also looking to explore oil from its part of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Cuban government aims to produce six percent of its electricity from renewable sources at the end of the decade.

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