Cambium Designs Awesome Minimalist Tree House

Usually tree houses vary in size and shape extending from a plain platform suspended in the tree to an elegant home with full furniture and electrical services. And what makes the German company Cambium GmBH different is that it focuses on minimalist design concept in constructing tree houses.

Cambium specializes in tree house construction, suspended rope and bridge courses, and in forest climbing equipment.

The tree house dubbed Erlebnest by Cambium is made of a steel frame with strips of larch wood structure that perfectly blends with its surrounding forest. This inviting tree house features large, round, open aired platform for dining and lounging.

A small cocoon shaped sleeping area with a king-size bed floats next to the main platform. A rain flap is also offered in the sleeping area to protect you from the weather.

The tree house has no walls; therefore, you can get a spectacular view of the surrounding forest from the 9-square-meter Erlebnest platform. Also the lounge area is provided on the tree house that is big enough for a party of four people.

The first Erlebnest tree house was built in Bingen am Rhein, and the company is planning to build more of them inLakeConstance. Cambium also offers kits for sale and even provides help in fixing the tree house.

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