Bubble Hotel in France Offers a Gorgeous Night with Nature

To sleep in the lap of nature without any disturbances is a dream for all. Last year, the designer Pierre Stephane Dumas designed transparent bubbles that allow people to sleep in the middle of natural environment. But everyone can’t afford it. for it comes for a price tag of €7766 (US$10,987). But don’t be disappointed.

The Attrap’Rêves, a hotel in France, is offering its guests a chance to sleep in these transparent plastic bubbles.

The bubbles are situated near the main building and surrounded with a scenic beauty. Bubble rooms are fully furnished. The hotel will provide meals, telescopes with star charts and an outdoor Jacuzzi for their guests.

A silent blower constantly recycles the air inside the bubble. In addition to this king-sized bed, the room also comprises nightstands, reading lamps and a pair of table and chairs. Each room is unique, and has electricity and a sink/shower area with running water.

Bubbles are fully or partially transparent. Depending on how much privacy they want, guests can select between these bubbles.

Above all, these bubbles cost as much as any other hotel rooms. The price ranges between €109 (US$137) to €499 (US$625), it depends on what location and season you aspire for your visit.

Take a look at these pictures.

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