Brazil Introduces World’s First Eco-friendly ATM Booth

Brazil’s Edra Equipamentos has introduced the world’s first eco-friendly ATM booth which is completely made from biodegradable raw materials. This new eco-friendly ATM is an upshot of the company’s contemporary bank project. It took around one year to complete the construction at a cost of US$300,000.

Usually, the walls and ceiling of the booth are made from oil derived resins. But here, the designers used a polymer derived from a combination of recycled plastics and renewable resources like oilseed plants.

Even the waste bins are made from natural fibers and reused glasses are used to provide architectural details.

In addition to the eco-friendly raw materials, a photovoltaic solar panel has also been introduced in the roof to power the booth’s LED lighting system.

A rain water collector is also installed in the roof, which enhances the growth of plants on the rooftop and improves the booth’s thermal and acoustic properties.

During the day, 80% of sunlight are blocked through the Solatube system that is coated with a 3M film and it helps the interior to stay cool.

This amazing green ATM also homes an automatic door and a slope is provided for wheelchair users.

According to Jorge Braescher, president of Edra Equipamentos, the company is still negotiating with several financial institutions to introduce these kinds of ATM booth in the country.

Yet, the price of manufacturing seems 20 to 30 percent higher than conventional ATM booths in Brazil, but its environment credentials will justify the price.

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