BMW Olympic Pavilion Resting on a Waterfall

There is less than a month left for the London Olympics. For BMW and Serie Architects, it is time to put some final touches on their Olympic Pavilion, which include an integrated waterfall.

According to Serie, the designers, this pavilion has been inspired by Victorian summer bandstand.

The architects have done their best to minimize the separation between man and nature with this design.

The water serves as an architectural element, at the same time, offers a sustainable, low-impact form of air conditioning to its visitors.

The river-cycled waterfall walls are the surprising elements in the pavilion with its natural surroundings. The rest of the design is kept simple with mathematically rooted curves and angles.

The company is using this pavilion to showcase its green technologies. BMW would use the series of smaller pavilions on the upper floor to display their latest innovations which include i3 electric city car and i8 plug-in performance hybrid.  May be the list also comprises BMW’s ‘i Pedelec’ folding scooter on hand.

As a sponsor to London Olympics, BMW is trying to make the occasion memorable . Last month, the company unveiled its new “i” stores at Park Lane in London and BMW’s British marque MINI has released a special edition Rocketman.

In addition to this Olympic pavilion, BMW also serves as the Official Automotive Partner and will provide around 4,000 vehicles for transporting athletes and officials. This fleet will be based on sustainable technologies like electric, hybrid and low-emissions diesel vehicles.

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