Basketball Legend John Salley Promotes Veganism

VegiMichigan, a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness of the health, environmental and ethical benefits of a plant-based diet has introduced a new campaign, and has called in Real Vegans. The new campaign features real life, primarily non-celebrity, vegans on their advertisements.

The campaign aims to encourage veganism and also advocates that veganism is suitable not only to the fundamental health enthusiasts, hippies, or celebrities, but for all.

It conveys this message by including  retired professional basketball legend John Salley in this movement.

According to Paul Krause, the president of VegMichigan, veganism is considered to be a tough step. But due to the current concerns such as obesity and other health and environmental issues, more people are rethinking on their food choices and the impact they have on their health.

Moreover, vegans are considered as healthy, vibrant and compassionate. And their amount is gradually increasing in the world.

The organization is excited to have a star like John Salley to promote their vegan ideas.

We too believe this new significant step will attract more people towars veganism.

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