Allias Villas Uluwatu Eco-resort in Bali Offers Ultra Luxury with Sustainability

Looking for a perfect holiday destination? The Allias Villas Uluwatu eco resort, located in Bali’s Uluwatu region on the Southern Bukit Peninsula, Indonesia, is one destination you need to consider.  At Allias Villas, ultra-luxury meets sustainability. Stylish yet relaxing environments come together with eco-friendly developments and bring to the visitors a surprise destination.

The resort is designed to meet the Green Globes GG21 standards and is the first to achieve the highest level of certification for Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD).

The architects from WOHA focused on a design which has a greater harmony with the surrounding environment. The overall design of the Allias Villas is a fusion of Indonesian architecture and modernism.

The designers have tried to maintain the natural shape of the sloping land, the vegetations and the natural formation of the arid savanna on the tropical island’s arid Bukit Pennisula.

The resort is situated on an elevated white limestone cliff, which sweeps down to the sea. The stone walled courtyards of the resort are inspired from the local farmer’s buildings.

Lushly furnished interiors and the contemporary methods with traditional materials in the resort express the rich Balinese culture and built heritage.

Just surrender yourself to the fascinating beauty of Baliand the luxury of Allias Villas resort. Take a look at the pictures  we have for you :

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