Nissan Leaf Turns into Eco-friendly Limousine

The flexible vehicle Nissan Leaf limousine is a highly anticipated one. The Portuguese government already purchased five Nissan Leafs, to use as police cars. And now, hotel guests in Nashville, Tennessee are also buying limousine for their VIP guests.

Imperial Limo Land of Springfield, Missouri is behind these eco-friendly limos. Limo Land has been working on this project since last year.

By cutting the car in half and by adding a section in the middle Limo Land stretched the Leaf. In order to do this, they removed the Leaf’s floor-mounted battery pack. Limo Land also replaced the Leaf’s rear bench seat with two rows of seats which face each other. This will fill up the extra space inside the vehicle. Now the new stretched Leaf seat seven passengers plus the driver.

The vehicle also features facilities like a wood-paneled bar/drinks cabinet and a vinyl roof. One of the first customers of Limo is the Embassy Suites in Nashville. This new limo is more powerful and requires more horsepower to get it moving. Therefore the manufactures added more batteries.

No doubt, this limo will become a lead in electric vehicles.

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